Dare to Be Seen [Working title]

Writing. It's a matter of letting your innermost thoughts enter the world of reality. But for what purpose? What good can possibly come of turning yourself inside out? Perhaps the humble hope that some soul out there can learn from your failures, take joy in your successes, and be inspired by your continuous attempts at life.

Who are you to judge your value? You are probably your own worst critic, and why should the worst critic be allowed to dictate what content gets out there? "Best to not publish it", you think to yourself. But in fact, you are just scared shitless of the potential success that might follow.

You must break through the veil of terror and simply accept that you are a creative person with something to give to the world. Tell us what you have to say! Get up on your soapbox and shout proudly over the cobblestoned streets. You have to. Because, as T. Harv Eker says: "If you're not going to toot your own horn, no one else will". And this, sadly, is the explanation for many a failed creative endeavor. You must have the courage to put your work out there and to spread the word.


What if you have the desire to share your work, but haven't produced any? Luckily, there is a universal solution to this issue. Would you like to hear it? GET OFF YOUR ASS AND *DO* SOMETHING. Do absolutely anything. Sit down alone and don't get up until something magical has appeared on the blank screen in front of you. Your creative juices might not flow 24/7, but rest assured that they are dormant inside of you. But it takes guts to get the glory and as long as you procrastinate, thinking you are not worthy of the world's praise, you sure as hell aren't going to get it. And that's fine, you shouldn't do it for the praise anyway. Don't dabble for the sake of recognition and accolades. Write because it matters to *you*. Write because that little voice inside your head is so god damn loud you want to smack it over the side of the head to make it shut up.

But who am I to tell you what to do, anyway? I too am but a struggling word wrangler, and I too do not yet know my true path in life. What I do know however, is that it's about time we *do* something. You, me and the human race collectively need to get off our cushions, tread out onto the plank and stare not at the sharks below, but at the heavens above. Spread your arms, let your lungs rip with the warrior's cry and jump head first into the ocean of uncertainty. Only in this manner will you ever know what you are truly worth. Let not yourself be your judge, for you have the curse of knowledge of who you used to be. But that was yesterday, and today is your chance to make it so that tomorrow will never be the same again -- to quote the wise words of Anthony Robbins.

You must realize that you remember your entire history, with all its failures, and you must realize that you as an intelligent human being and harsh judge of self will tend to focus on your weaknesses when you are about to let yourself be vulnerable. But go ahead. Show the world some skin. Some will point and laugh, others will scoff. But some will praise you for your courage and some will love you simply for you who are.

So what will it be? Will you let yourself be held back by what others might think of you, or will you stand tall and dare to leave your mark on this world?

But, but, I'm scared! Of course you are. We all are. But you can decide, here and now, that you will no longer be a person who is defined by what others might think. And thus, you shed your old skin and enter the realm of true creative genius -- that which dares show itself to the world.

Imagine if Albert Einstein, who had not much in the way of schooling when he proposed E=mc2, had said "You know what, I think I'll just not publish this. Yes, yes, better put it in this drawer over here. They might not like it."

But he didn't put it in the drawer. In fact, he submitted his paper on what we now know as special relativity to the publication "Annalen der Physik" just six weeks after conceiving the idea.

Whatever you're working on, it's unlikely to be the next theory of relativity. So what are you afraid of? That your credentials aren't good enough? Then consider the fact that Einstein was working at the patent office at the time, a job his father's friend had helped him obtain because he had failed to achieve an assistantship at the university.

Physics of the 20th century was revolutionized because a young man of just 26 had the balls to publish his work.

Dare you publish *your* work?

Go ahead, do it. Who knows, it might just change the world.

- - -

Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these: "It might have been!"
~ John Greenleaf Whittier



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